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It's Official: CasinoFacts Supports Recall

For Immediate Release 8/2/2007

CasinoFacts announced today that its official position is to support the Middleboro recall.

The group throws its weight behind a movement started several months ago based on a populace rising against "fiscal mismanagement" at the municipal level in Middleboro. The recall election of three Middleboro selectmen, Wayne Perkins, Marsha Brunnelle and Steve Spataro, is slated for Septemeber 29.

"We did not initiate the recall, we did not drive it," says CasinoFacts spokesman James Reynolds. "We do however support responsible government and at this juncture, the next most immediate step is to support the dynamic in play."

Over the past several months, in fighting casino developers in Middleboro, the group has developed an impressive arsenal of political resources, contacts, voter base, volunteers and know-how. CasinoFacts is the group which single-handedly moved the motion to establish the Middleboro Casino Study Group. It also initiated the third article of Saturday's special town meeting; to vote yes or no in support of a casino in Middleboro. It is also the behind-the-scenes group responsible for Saturday's record-breaking town meeting.

Reynolds invites open dialog with any and all candidates for selectman, and encourages them to schedule a meeting with the CasinoFacts board of directors if they would care to gain the group's endorsement.

"We sorely despise bad government. This has been about the process - or lack of. Voters are gaveled to silence, agendas are forced through backrooms. We support democracy - and that's it."

In related news, CasinoFacts also announced its plans for expansion to the regional level. "Our base has grown and so has our focus," said Reynolds. "We are a citizen's watchdog-activist group. Now we have an even more impressive array of volunteers stepping-up to the plate, from New Bedford to Palmer to Boston."

Reynolds declined to comment on whether CasinoFacts would challenge the ratification of the Tribal-Town Agreement. He also declined to comment on the remaining two selectmen that become eligible for recall in October.


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