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SJC Rules Casino Law Repeal Can Be On The Ballot! Read now on the "Articles" page.

Breaking news

Mashpee Wampanoag in talks for a Fall River casino. Are Middleboro's "partners" heading for the hills?

For the latest news and opinion visit the Articles page and the blog page

The Report

Casino foes fed ammunition

New report: Wampanoag lack Middleboro ties

There's a shocker-Investors, not tribe to benefit most from casinos Whodathunkit?

UPDATED:Cape Cod Times-Tribe leaders say casino pact favors investors

Globe-Wampanoags decline deal with investors

World traveler Bellicose Bumpkin weighs in with an opinion

Cape Cod Times profile of Glenn Marshall: Lies and fall of a tribe leader

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

In the Mashpee Enterprise, the new Mashpee leadership tries a new spin on jurisdiction, deeds, and Indian Districts.

Carver Chick reverses the spin.

Are the new bosses the same as the old bosses minus the handcuffs and restraining orders?

Cape Cod Times: Tribe leaders spread bets beyond casino

Gladys dives into the confusing world of Indian policy

Regular as clockwork, Bellicose Bumpkin has his second podcast in seven months. This time he speaks with CFO President Rich Young about the Carcieri decision and what it means for Middleborough and Massachusetts.

Great profile of Professor Natasha Schull in MIT's Spectrum.

Think it is cold outside? This is nothing. Hell has apparently frozen over.
Dennis Whittlesey, the Washington lawyer who helped forge the multimillion-dollar agreement between Middleborough and the Wampanoag, agreed with (CFO President Rich) Young's assessment.
Read the whole article in the Sunday Globe

There is a new installment of the alliterative and entertaining Bellicose Bumpkin's BOS Behaving Badly. This week's episode is entitled View from the Cheap Seats

Carcieri v. Kempthorne opinion issued!

The Secretary of the Interior does NOT have the authority to take land into trust for tribes recognized after 1934!
The Opinion

More as it comes in...

From the Articles page: Bumpkin adds a soundtrack

Bellicose Bumpkin gently responds to the new Tribal Council's attempt at spin.

So does the Enterprise.

Update your speed dial. Stephen Graham is no longer working for the Tribe.


Globe: Casino opponents begin to mobilize

On a related note, a stunning blog post from Gladys Kravitz. Be sure to read the reponses...

Jon Keller weighs in.

FOLLOW THE MONEY Pro-casino "jobs" report produced by a pro-labor graduate program at UMASS and funded by a unionized construction industry "institute" and the UMASS President's office via the "Labor Center"

Naturally, costs are not taken into account and the only way it would work is if all employees happened to be unionized. On the other hand, it takes a swipe at IGRA.

More from Bumpkin and more from CFO upon further analysis.

Excitement at the Middleboro BOS meeting

Middleboro selectman chairman abruptly quits board, walks out

Adam Bond resigns from Middleboro board

Casino backer quits Middleboro board


Mr. Bond's blog:
The Recent Hubub About The Casino
Wow! There are still some who know how to play it right!
Troubling Observations

Middleboro Selectman Patrick E. Rogers rebukes selectmen Chairman Adam M. Bond over blog entry

The Massachusetts Audubon Society has devoted the entire Winter issue of Sanctuary magazine to the environmental concerns surrounding a Middleboro casino.

The entire issue of Sanctuary is now online.

Enterprise- Middleboro casino foes: We knew about corruption allegations against former tribe chairman

Ostrich sighted in Middleboro! Enterprise- Disagreement on whether to allow casino talk in Middleboro

This is a good time to revisit Mashpee Wampanoag Elder Amelia Bingham's attempt at warning the Middleboro Board of Selectmen in JUNE of 2007.

Mrs. Bingham (2:22): "I'm concerned that perhaps you have not done enough research into the people that you are dealing with. I think you really need to do a little more investigation there."
The context and editorial from 2007

Court date set for Glenn Marshall guilty plea


Enterprise: Casino pact may be in peril


The DOJ Press Release
The Charges
The Plea Agreement

Stay informed! Our ARTICLES page is updated as the reports come in.

NEW! CarverChick post about the Mashpee's Scoping Report

Our Environmental Committee is preparing a detailed response to the Scoping Report. Watch your email for the announcement of its release. Not on our mailing list? SIGN UP


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