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We told you so!

It's over! .... for Middleboro

It gives me great pleasure today to thank all the dedicated members and friends of Casino Facts who have been fighting and supporting us to maintain the quality of life that we so well deserve. For almost three years we have been trying to drive a message home that a Casino in Middleboro was "not inevitable". Many will say it was the SCOTUS decition to not allow land to trust, or the high cost of the infrastructure, or the environmental impacts, or one of the many other road blocks that put an end to the Tribe's ill-fated plan, but in my heart I truly believe it was the culmination of dedicated research, and the tireless effort to educate and help people understand the logic and the basic principle that there is no price tag for an exchange of "quality of life". Today is not only a victory for Middleboro, but for the area as a whole, but the war is far from over, for now is the time to fight for the rest of the residents of Ma. and help them understand the dark and hidden secrets of predatory gambling.

Thank you,

Frank Dunphy
President Casino Facts Committee

Area Towns - Four hurdles, four actions

Carolyn - Plympton

Plympton and Halifax residents have too much to lose to simply stand by and watch as Middleboro voters hash out whether to enter into an agreement to bring a casino and all its impacts to our backyards.

Our beautiful, rural, quiet backyards are too important to accept a nearby casino.

Some think it's no use to fight this; they seem to think it's inevitable. How can we think we can't make a difference? Such fatalism runs counter to the American spirit we just celebrated on the 4th of July, Plympton's Tercentennial, and Memorial Day. The Middleboro casino is NOT a done deal.

There are at least 4 hurdles that it must get over. We can make them as difficult as possible--by taking action. Now.

Four hurdles, four actions:
(1) Middleboro town vote. A NO there, means NO CASINO. We can't vote on Saturday, but we can show up in strength on Saturday, July 28. Help get the no vote out. See or contact me or many others engaged in this effort.
(2) and (3) Class III gambling (slots, games) is illegal in Massachusetts. NO NEW LAW, NO CASINO.
Even if it becomes legal, the state could negotiate for a different location. We can contact our state senator and state reps and the governor. Try a 30 second phone call, email, or post card to each: "I oppose a casino in Middleboro. Do everything possible to stop it."
(4) The Department of Interior - which weighs the region's sentiments strongly--can decline to put the Middleboro land in trust. NO TRUST, NO CASINO. Sign a petition. Write or call the Department of Interior. Tell our legislators in Washington to get the message across, loud and clear: No casino.

This is America. Let's get out there now and fight for our communities

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