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Jeff Benedict on how to defeat the casinos

Our leaders have been telling us that the casino is a "done deal" and that we should negotiate now or else get nothing.

This is a common strategy of casino developers - right down to the phrase "done deal" - trying to demoralize the opposition before it's had a chance to form.

Jeff Benedict is a leading casino opponent. In 2003 Benedict partnered with Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to lead an effort to enact landmark legislation to stop casino expansion in the state.

"It's not a done deal. That's the slogan of the scared," said Benedict who said that casinos hoped to avert a lengthy battle by persuading residents at the outset that there was no point in fighting.[1]

Now doesn't that sound familiar?

Done Deal? Ask Saugerties NY or Gettysburg PA - they beat proposed casinos that were a "done deal".

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